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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a little less conversation - Hartley for mayor in 2007?

With 100% in, Coleman has taken Northcote back for National.

It's a margin of over 2000, so solid even in the face of specials I imagine.

Northcote, my home electorate for most of my life, was always a high tide seat for Labour and this is definitely not a high tide. Like Invercargill and Otago, it is back in blue hands.

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STC said...

No, Hartley will be retiring after this term I'm pretty sure. She has dedicated a lot of her proffesional life to serving the people of Northcote (over 30 years), but, like the best of them, there is the matter of her age.

I'm pretty sure we can win Northcote back in 2008 - we will have a great candidate and I want to be part of the team that does the job.