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Sunday, September 18, 2005

a little loose conversation - span's election night blogging - index

In time order, earliest at the top.

Thanks to Ms Cheesecake, Shaggy Karl, Mr the Red and Apathy Jack for making it a fun night and for cleaning up at the end too. I didn't actually intend to live blog, but it appeared no one was doing it from the left, and my guests were saying some funny stuff, so before I knew it I was posting almost constantly. Thanks also to the hardy souls commenting on the night, your feedback was much appreciated even if I didn't reply quickly :-)

A Little Loose Conversation
8.17pm - Part I (the mascara post)
8.44pm - Part II (the depressing TV3 post)
8.53pm - Part III (the trend is your friend post)
9.04pm - Labour closing (I ditched the Part's thing)
9.18pm - calling Epsom for Hide
9.22pm - Blumsky definitely down
9.34pm - United looking important
9.49pm - dead heat!!
9.54pm - sheesh this is close!
9.59pm - Worth not yet conceding
10.01pm - oh dear, consequences
10.03pm - Labour in front!!!
10.04pm - Progs need to pull up
10.06pm - party vote changes since 2002
10.08pm - Winston speaks
10.15pm - party vote seems stabilised
10.19pm - the minors
10.31pm - gap still close, but growing to Labour
10.34pm - what now for National?
10.40pm - Hartley for mayor in 2007?
10.42pm - tv graphics
10.45pm - changing hands
10.55pm - JPA reveals his inner pimpster
11.01pm - one seat gap between Lab and Nat
11.08pm - special votes
11.08pm - Brash arrives at HQ
11.14pm - not over until the specials sing
11.41pm - Lab MPs
12.12am - Clark at her HQ now
12.21am - it's not all over, red rover

And all done on dial-up - looking forward to going back to broadband in the morning!


sagenz said...

it was good to have a view from the left live. thanks for that. up to 12 days for the specials to be confirmed I hear.

Dave said...

well done, I'M glad I just stuck to one long post and a few short ones ( for now!)

stef said...

Wow thanks for that. Electoral commission site is down. Nail biting few days ahead. Just remember that although it make seem like a lot in the 2002 election, specials made up 10 percent of votes cast, but ultimately changed the overall result by just 0.1 percent.