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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a little loose conversation - calling Epsom for Hide

I'm probably making a big call, but a 1,500 majority with over 40% counted, I'm calling if for Hide. I'd really really like to be wrong. Remember Worth had a 6000 majority in 2002.

But it's still looking like Hide will only be able to bring in 2 max MPs. Down from 7% to 1.8% in three years, is a big fall. It's Alliance 2002 all over again, except on the Right, and winning the electorate seat.


PaulL said...

If the media had reported the Epsom polls probably ACT would have come in with a higher %. Ah well, done now. This election was always going to be tough for ACT.

Current numbers say that either UF or NZF are holding balance of power (depending on how you count). No surprises there.

PaulL said...

PS: Thanks for the live blog. DPF seems to be off drinking.

PaulL said...

What's the call on the Greens? 5.1% isn't very safe. Trending up or down?? That could be the difference.