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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a little less conversation - Labour closing

Hanging in there, not considering the Bombay Sapphire yet - One's handy percentage thing at the bottom of the screen is cheering us up, especially Ms Cheesecake, who is pointing out every drop in National, and every rise in Labour. Nail-biting stuff though.

Shaggy Karl is annoyed at all the old ladies who are voting for Winston on the party vote.

Big cheer by all of us as National drops a seat on the One seat-o-meter! Four seat gap now - I think Labour needs to be basically a seat or two short of National to be in the game.

And someone just pointed out that Matt Robson would currently be back in, and I had to admit to my friends that that's a good thing.

OMG One has called Tauranga for Clarkson!!

1 comment:

sagenz said...

that was always going to happen. NZF will get over 5%