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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a little less conversation - party vote seems stabilised

Party vote seems to have stabilised, with 94.6% counted.

Labour 40.3 - 40.4
National 39.9 - 40.1

Peter Dunne is having an absolute go at the media before talking about anything else. Weird. He says there will be no discussions tonight, but some over the next few days.


Chaucey said...

yeah, I noticed him getting a bit aggressive. Not sure if making enemies with the media is a good plan normally!

span said...

yep, look at Winston! Dunne must surely know that he has lived by the media - ripping into them before talking about anything else is a sure way to die by the media too. I guess he was high on his OB majority (not likely to be high on anything else ;-) )