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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a little loose conversation - Brash arrives at HQ

Many media types asking and asking if he is going to concede defeat, but he says nothing, although you can hear someone laughing very very loudly in the background.

it's a total media scrum around him, he's grinning hugely.

Obviously a very positive crowd at the HQ - lots of clapping and waving. Quite understandable really, with a roughly 19% turnaround from 2002.

Ms Cheesecake was confused by the glowing way in which Judy Kirk introduced him - "who's outstanding??" - now they are all (well lots of male voices) are chanting.

Don's listing off all the seats that have changed hands - huge cheer for Tauranga! He only list one of the Hamilton seats (East).

"We can't yet claim a victory but I am certainly not conceding defeat" he says, a big cheer goes up, with a bottle of champers blocking the camera, as you would expect from the Nats ;-)

Brash goes on to talk about putting together a coalition over the next days and weeks, and about it being a Govt that will serve "all New Zealanders" (presumably except the Labour voters, gays, Maori, etc etc).


Craig Ranapia said...

He only mentioned one Hamilton seat, because Martin Gallagher held Hamilton West with a Freddy Kruger-red majority of 688 (down from 5,574). I also found your comment about Clark's speech interesting, because the opening couple of minutes I heard on the radio didn't SOUND very humble - at least, not as humble as I'd be with eleven of my electorate members being given their marching orders & holding a shaky one point lead.

span said...

heh heh i'm not sure that Clark could ever be humble enough for you Craig, unless she was crying and apologising on camera to the whole country for ever thinking she could lead NZ. which i think we both have to admit is pretty bloody unlikely anytime soon ;-)

Craig Ranapia said...


Well, in her position my first words would be "Holy fucking hell, what are you people on!" ;) Wasn't terribly impressed with either Brash or Clark - could someone tell them the campaign is over, and the voters decided not to give either of them a decisive mandate - and, by my count, the parties of the left and the right ended up with 49% each. So, yup, I'd suggest a steady diet of humbl;e is very much in order.