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Monday, September 19, 2005

newsflash! Boag on P?

A colleague tells me that Michelle Boag has just said on Nat Rad's new afternoon panel the following (paraphrased):

The deal is done. We will have a minority Labour/Prog/Green Govt, with UF and NZF support on confidence and supply and it will be signed by the end of the day.

When asked if she was flying a kite she said no.



Anonymous said...

boag's information is roughly correct

span said...

is that based on inside info or is it conjecture, Anon?

I note that you expounded a bit further on DPF's blog:

"Span: Boag's scenario is correct, but it will be by the end of the week, not today. And NZ1 and UF will merely agree to abstain on c&s votes. Their active support is not needed."

(Originally from here)

The Doorman said...

I think Boag is just of her rockers as she always has been

Anonymous said...

I have always found Boag to be a very good indicator of things I wanted to have no part of. Not sure about her credibility, I do have problems with her ethics though.


gpjwatson said...

I would have thought it would be to the advantage of all players to wait until the results of the specials are in.

Kate said...

For once I agree Graham. I hope/doubt - Helen would jump that gun especially as some Kiwis have found the current Labour Govt Arrogant. Announcing anything concrete before the specials might seem that way.
It would be good to talk about how successful the prelim talks have been though.

span said...

i'm starting to wonder when Brash is going to concede. Listening to talkback a little bit (can't stand it for too long, brains start to melt out ears) the rednecks are getting restless about it.