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Thursday, September 08, 2005

radio without pictures

I'm a bit of a news junkie, especially at the moment, and it urks me no end that I miss Checkpoint when I leave work close to 6pm, which is most of the time. I find ZB frustrating as they have so many adverts, so tonight I did a bit of random twiddling with the car radio tuner about 6.15pm and discovered that you can get TV3 news on the radio!

Don't know if it is anywhere else, apart from Auckland, but it's at 100.6 FM, which is Live FM.

How bloody useful for those of us out campaigning in the evenings and inevitably missing the news.


peterquixote said...

best thing span give up work be like fascsist live on state

Rich said...

I find ZB unbearable right-wing drivel. If it's that important it'll be on the B, I find.

BTW, is National Radio completely blacked out in the Taumaranui or are they just not on 101? Anyone know? Do they broadcast on AM - I'm surprised LW never caught on in NZ as one transmitter would neatly cover the whole country.

span said...

for some strange reason i find Larry Williams bearable. i really can't work out why this is, as he can be incredibly partisan. i definitely cannot stand ZB news though, so biased.

i'm not sure about NatRads availability in your area, but here's a link to some more info :-)

Anonymous said...

You can find checkpoint and a lot of other nat rad and ZB material online at,,10980,00.html not sure if thats the permanent link or not if it isn't then follow the links off The national radio programmes usually turn up an hour after they are broadcast and stay on the site for 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

It's Radio Live which has the TV3 6pm news - also one of Can West's offspring