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Saturday, September 17, 2005

a little loose conversation - part II

watching TV3 was getting depressing so we turned over to One (who have an all male political activist panel grrrr) and things are not quite so dreary.

Mike Williams has pointed out that the big city boothes, in strong Labour electorates, are not in, and they will deliver a lot of votes to the centre-left, but there is a different rural shift back to National.

Epsom is looking very very tight - Shaggy Karl and Ms Cheescake has just made the point that Keith Locke should have promised to run naked through the streets of the electorate if he lost, then he would have hosed home, giving the Greens a certain return!

Clarkson is well ahead in Tauranga - approx 600 margin with 16% counted - he may make it in by a testicle. I bet Peters doesn't concede though, even if Clarkson is well ahead at the end of the night - Winston will already be assessing his legal options I'm sure.

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Make Tea Not War said...

We watched three though with the sound off a lot of the time. We reached a consensus was that Deborah has had botox.