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Monday, May 09, 2005

a big dollop of left

Hat tip: DPF, who got it from Not-PC

Social: 70
Economic: 19

I agree with criticisms others have made of the questions - I suspect they are picking up on hot topics in the UK which may not resonate so well here.

I often found that none of the answers reflected my true feelings, eg the question regarding the tip to the illegal immigrant - I wanted to give him a big tip but not because of his entrepreneurialism, because he clearly needed it.

Nice graphics though!

Still a big fan of Idiot/Savant's graph of the nz political bloggers myself.


STC said...

I did the political compass test last night, and got -8.14 -5.41

Hmmm, I think it is more represantative of the truth than the times one, which forces you to choose things which could be left in your mind, then it goes right.

I also find many of the tests have "truth claims", where to answer a question honestly makes you go right wing, even though you disagree with the answer as your preffered ideology.

David Farrar said...

Hey Spanner, we are abotu the same on the social scale. Which of us should be more alarmed by that?

Graham Watson said...

I got the same on social as you two, not surprised by david but glad to see you are so liberal as well.

span said...

I'm certainly a lot more liberal than I used to be - university opened my eyes a lot, but it took me a while to formulate all that into a shift in politics. I am now much more liberal on the drinking age (although I am still a teetotaller myself), marijuana, etc. (Yet another reason I wouldn't have gone with the Progs when the Alliance split in 2002).

DPF - you and I have agreed on a lot of liberal issues since I started blogging so I'm not surprised at all (except perhaps that you weren't even further out there). I wonder if PC has added me to his Libertarian blogroll yet ;-) Of course my liberal streak dims considerably when it comes to provision of health, education, etc, but the quiz didn't go into that much.

Rich said...

Social 80, Economic 37.

Several questions I disagreed with premise rather..

For instance, on the one year waiting list for a hip replacement my answer would be "Nothing. The waiting list reflects a reasonable balance between cost and service levels in medical provision."

stef said...

Almost the same as noam chomsky! Social 69 ecomomic 44.

Jordan said...

I got social 64, economic 23. Apparently I am closest to the UK Greens Party. :)