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Friday, May 13, 2005


things that make me Very Grumpy:

- old people driving old cars very slowly (surely they should drive quickly given they have relatively little time to live?)
- no car parks
- not being able to find the rest of your lunch crowd
- not getting to eat any food until after 2.30pm
- and then having to eat something crappy because it's the only thing available
- people who cannot follow simple instructions even after you have just restated them very clearly for them
- laptops with stuffed disk drives
- spam
- mail order items that arrive three days too late for the birthday they were presents for, even though you ordered them in plenty of time
- idiots who think it would be A Good Thing if someone owned everything, right down to the air we breathe (i knew watching The Corporation last night would only make me grumpier)

Hmmm making this list is only exacerbating the grumpiness within. I think I should go do something else for a while - maybe patting the cat or smelling some roses.

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