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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Why - Ten Questions

Ten Questions I would Really Like Answers To...

1. Why did JT really say all those stupid things to Ian Wishart?

2. Why do bad things happen to good people?

3. Why did Shannon tell Sauj in the late 90s that I stole her boyfriend back in the mid 90s?

4. Why do the National Front nutters hate so much?

5. Why would anyone vote for a party with no policies?

6. Why do some managers delight in being complete arses to those they manage?

7. Why does time go faster when I'm running late?

8. Why do right wingers think Helen Clark is a socialist?

9. Why don't the rest of Queen just accept that Freddie Mercury is dead and that it is All Over Rover?

and finally

10. Why is it easier to destroy than rebuild?


Rich said...

1. JT wishes to give it all up and live in Piha as a beneficiary - but needs to be fired so Winz will pay him a benefit.

So far, slagging off his entire caucus hasn't worked, holocaust denial hasn't worked, so he's resorted to cruelty to cats.

8. The Labour party has a number of members who take it upon themselves to pose as righties and slag off Labour in the most hideously extreme terms - comparing Helen with Stalin is a favourite. Their hope is that this will penetrate the mainstream and Don will compare Helen Clark to Pol Pot on national TV - making him look like a foaming mouthed idiot. ("Genius" for instance is in fact Jordan Carter).
(See also the UK Countryside Alliance).

David Farrar said...

1. Because he blames everyone but himself for why he is no longer in Cabinet.

2. Because life is a bitch sometimes.

3. Because you did???

4. Because they have very small penises.

5. Policies only put voters off.

6. Because they were probably treated the same way once. Or they are just arseholes.

7. You just notice it more.

8. Because we have been told not to call her a communist.

9. No. And Elvis is alove also.

10. Ever seen a domino stacking and toppling competition? Demolishing is the fun part.

Rich said...

10. In the case of Rog Taylor, it has to do with his very nice and expensive house in Surrey, very nice and expensive sports car collection, very nice and expensive yacht. All of these need money...

Plus he just likes drumming I guess. He's also has been known to play occasionally with superstar covers band the SAS band (also featuring Mike Rutherford, Tony Hadley, etc).

Rich said...

for ten I meant nine!

span said...

just to clarify in regard to No 2. I most certainly did not steal her boyfriend and in fact loathed him quite considerably.

Krimsonlake said...

I'm desperate to know the real answer to number 8 too. I suppose it could be a mental health thing, you know delusions and such (Due to personal bias I think they're all nutters). Or it's just because they think 'socialist' is a good insult, which it is not.

I still think the term Helengrad is hilarious though. It's the best thing to come from the right in years. Stalin was VERY successful after all.:-)

span said...

which city shall we rename Helengrad then? ;-)

in regard to DPF's answer to 4 - what about the women who support NF (there must be one, surely?) although i suppose you could argue she/they doesn't/don't have a very big penis(es) either...

Dave said...

... unless if course it was a detachable one and got stuck!

span said...

in which case, the trip to A&E would be uncomfortable in several different ways.

Nigel Kearney said...

Re 8, maybe it is because she identifies herself as a socialist on her own web site:

"She has represented the Labour Party at congresses of the Socialist International and the Socialist International Women in 1976, 1978, 1983, and 1986, at an Asia-Pacific Socialist Organisation Conference held in Sydney in 1981, and at the Socialist International Party Leaders' Meeting in Sydney in 1991."