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Sunday, May 08, 2005

just when you thought this debate was in hiatus...

United Future MP Larry Baldock's Marriage (Gender Clarification) Amendment Bill was drawn from the Private Members' Ballot on Wednesday, and will be voted on this week. Word is that it will be in the House on Wednesday the 11th.

The Bill seeks to clarify that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, obviously intending to ban future amendments to the Marriage Act which would allow same sex marriage. It would also mean NZ would not recognise gay marriages or civil unions entered into overseas.

At this stage it looks as if neither National nor Labour have ruled out voting for the Bill, both parties saying they will make a decision in their respective caucuses on Tuesday. Assumedly this is only the First Reading and thus the vote is over whether to send it to Select Committee or not.


Baldock wants to move in the future to repeal the Civil Unions Act and the Human Rights Act. But apparently it's nothing to do with UF being a Christian party - where's a Tui ad when you need one?

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