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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

panic and not panic

and here's some other kiwi blog reviews of the h2g2 flick, to give you (by whom I mean Mr The Red really) a more balanced view than mine:

- NZ Pundit - 'Life? Don't talk to me about life'
- Jonathon's Liverstone - Don't Panic!
- Michael's World - Still searching for the Question...
- It's All A Narrative Structure, Damnit (Morthos from Brain Stab) - More on the Guide Film

(Will add more as they become apparent to me)


Ms Vile File said...

I saw the movie, and enjoyed it.

I used to have such a big crush on the tv series Ford Prefect, so my heart could not warm to the movie version. Sigh.

Josh said...

Our Morthos comments on his own site here.

span said...

why thank you kindly mr josh :-)

i always thought there was something slightly Mole (as in Wind in the Willows) about the TV Ford, but maybe that's just me.