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Saturday, May 21, 2005

did you miss me?

Don't answer that!

I wasn't away, I just didn't have any time.

It's been a very busy week - Alliance National Council in Christchurch all weekend, very very full-on time at work, plus my car got broken into on Tuesday night, leading to very little sleep that evening, which had a negative flow-on effect for the rest of the week. Much sitting around at work going:

What shall I do next?
I know how about This
No wait I should do That now
Oh hang on I've got a new email
But I shouldn't read it I should do X!
But first I need to ring Y
Where's her phone number?
Oh look, a new email...

and so on.

Being very very tired tends to lead my grey matter around and around in ever decreasing circles.

Hoping to regain my equilibrium this weekend.


Justin said...

Don't think of it as "your car being broken in to", think of it as "redistrition of income."

span said...

actually i wasn't at all angry about it. the only thing i particularly didn't want stolen was my diary (obviously not due to monetary value), but nothing was taken. although i just realised that my spanner was also in my satchel, so if that had been taken i would have been truly enraged as it has huge sentimental value, but then the thief doesn't know that of course.

the reason i didn't get any sleep was because i drove off thinking everything was fine, got down the road and noticed the car was oddly windy, then realised that there was a broken window and got a bit freaked out that whoever had broken in was still in the car...

this was compounded by the banner all over the back seat, which they had pulled out of the boot - anyone could have been hiding under it, or in the boot. of course no one was, but i worried about it all night.

plus when i woke up circa 1am it was raining, so i was worried the inside of the car was getting wet. i kept half falling asleep and dreaming that i was putting something over the window. it's strange the things you worry about in the wee small hours.

Justin said...

Span, you attach too much value to material possessions and private property. How are you going to cope once you've "ended capitalism"?

span said...

will there be no teddy bears when the revolution comes?

Justin said...

There'll be either queues for teddy bears; collective, somewhat manky and soiled teddy bears; or surpluses of teddy bears once teddy bears become unfashionable. But, hey, it'll be worth it just to really piss off the bougeoise, right?