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Saturday, May 21, 2005

don't look now it's the National Front Part II

No doubt no one else noticed, but I've had a visitor from the NF, who reckons he's not in fact the son of a Vichy collaborator.

No I am not making this up.

(PS - If anyone can point me in the direction of a hack for recent comments I promise to thank you profusely.)


Anonymous said...

He claims to be Anton Foljambe - but I think his name used to be Anton Foljamberg, related to the Jewish watchmaker.

Richard said...

span said...

thanks richard but AL beat you to it :-)

funny thing to do, drop two letters off the end of your name. maybe it was too long for all those form boxes? (note to readers: i am not as stupid as i sometimes appear to be sweeties)

Asher said...

Woops, sorry, I fucked up. Got Foljambe mixed up with another long time New Zealand Nazi activist.