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Monday, May 23, 2005

good in a relative sense

Went to Revenge of the Sith last night with some mates - it's better than the previous two, but then that's not saying much.

I think we can say with a large amount of certainty now that George Lucas was talking out his arse when he said that the original Star Wars was always meant to be the fourth in a series - the contrived way he makes the ends match up is reminiscent of an attempt to clone a cat and a dog (with no question about which of the two is the dog.)

Is it just me or did Darth look rather cheesy in the end? I mean, sure that's what you'd put him in in 1977, but in 2005? I kept expecting the mozarella threads to be gluing his feet to the floor when he tried to walk around.

And gee hasn't feminism come a big way - one major female character and she doesn't get to do anything much except stand around and gaze out windows, despite the fact that Natalie Portman is a considerably better actor than Hayden Christiansen. Doesn't say much for her mothering urge that she had lost the will to live because of Anakin's transformation (don't even start me on how pathetic that scene was - if that was all it took to push someone to the Dark Side then Act would have no problem making the 5% threshold). What about the children?

Ok, enough negativity for first thing in the morning - here's hoping Batman Begins is going to make everything right in Span's Crappy Movie Land again.


stef said...

I caved and got the pirated copy at the electronics market. I stil thought it was cool but the love story as usual totally sucks.

span said...

How did he get it so right (Leia and Han Solo) in the first three, but so wrong in these ones? I swear someone else must have written the dialogue (or at least some of it) between Han and Leia.